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最新訊息 行事曆 課表







紐約時報(New York Times):


Messi Exits the World Cup. Hours Later, So Does Ronaldo.


華盛頓郵報(The Washington Post):


Messi and Ronaldo won't be defined by World Cup failures, but they couldn't win one alone





Headline acts Messi and Ronaldo bid farewell to World Cup


美聯社(The Associated Press):


Messi and Ronaldo Exit World Cup Without Titles

title一詞在 體育比賽中指的是第一名,冠軍”(the position you get by beating all other competitors in a sports competition)




- -

First, Lionel Messi. Then, Cristiano Ronaldo.



In a matter of hours Saturday, soccer's biggest names were knocked out of the World Cup, ousted by better opponents and overshadowed by players of immense ability.


in a matter of hours: 這裡的matter指的是大約,左右(表示數量或時間之少)”(used in expressions describing how small an amount or period of time is)


The interview was over in a matter of minutes.



oust: to force someone to leave a position of power, job, place, or competition 趕下臺,罷免,廢黜;趕走;淘汰


Last year's NCAA winners have been ousted from the tournament.



overshadow: to cause someone or something to seem less important or less happy 使黯然失色;使相形見絀;使蒙上陰影


Karen has always felt overshadowed by her famous elder sister.



- -


Messi's Argentina lost 4-3 to France and hours later Ronaldo's Portugal went down 2-1 to Uruguay, leaving the tournament without its two best known and most loved players.


go down: to lose or be defeated 輸,被打敗


England's unbeaten run of ten games ended last night when they went down 4–2 to France.


注意這裡一個說法「十連勝」:unbeaten run of ten games



The World Cup lost its headline acts on Saturday as the game's two biggest stars, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, readied to leave Russia after their teams were eliminated in the round of 16.


淘汰還有另一種通俗說法eliminate: to defeat someone so that they cannot continue in a competition (比賽中)淘汰


He was eliminated in the third round of the competition.



- -


Given their ages - Messi is 31 and Ronaldo 33 - this could be the last the world sees of the pair, who have monopolized the world player of the year award for the last 10 years, on the biggest stage of all.


monopolize: [mə'nɒpəlaɪz] to have or take a large part of sb's attention or time so that they are unable to speak to or deal with other people 占去(某人的大部分注意力或時間);獨佔;霸佔;使無法擺脫


She completely monopolized the conversation at lunch.




- -


我們再來看美聯社(Associated Press)對梅西失落之情的刻畫,眼神,雙臂,臉龐,鬍子極具畫面感:

Lionel Messi stared, hands on hips, pain etched across a face once boyish and filled with limitless joy, now obscured by a brown beard and hardened by expectations for his nation unmet.


etch [ɛtʃ]這裡指的是(臉上)流露出的意思(if a feeling isetched on sb's face, or sb's face isetched with a feeling, that feeling can be seen very clearly),此外,它還有(尤指在金屬或玻璃上)蝕刻,鑿出的含義。


He etched his name on a piece of glass.


obscure這個詞昨天作為形容詞出現過,這裡作為動詞表示隱藏,掩蓋;使難理解,使晦澀”(to make something difficult to discover and understand)


- -



Four hours later and 950 miles (1,530 kilometers) away, Cristiano Ronaldo's eyes were wide in anger as he shouted in protest just ahead of the final whistle, once again arguing with a referee. The tirade got Ronaldo a second yellow card that would have suspended him for the next match. No worries, Portugal's World Cup ended with a loss.

tirade: 本意是是長篇抨擊性演說”(a long, angry speech expressing strong disapproval),這裡可以理解為C羅不滿裁判判罰的怒吼


She launched into an angry/furious tirade about how she had been unfairly treated.


- END -



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